Walk On The Moon Like An Astronaut: Let your imagination take flight with our science experiment kit. Put together the 88 pieces to create this 2-in-1 Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle and Moon Rover science kit - and explore the Tranquility Base like Neil Armstrong

Become A Real Space Engineer: Use the instructions to build Apollo 11, the iconic spacecraft that first landed on the Moon, get the Moon rover ready, and - the Eagle Has Landed! The moon rover is ready to drive, equipped with a powerful motor.

Creative STEM Kit Offers You Hours Of Fun Play: Find out more about the mission that established the spaceflight superiority of the US with a STEM toy. Master basic notions of Maths, Science, Engineering, and Technology with a fun science set.

All-Inclusive Space Toy Kit: All you need to make your own Apollo 11 spacecraft and rover is found in the box - PCB panels, solar panels, electronic components, step-by-step instructions, and a link for video instructions on YouTube.

Science Experiment Kits For Adults And Teens: Whether you are looking for an electrical engineering kit for your teenager or a robotic kit gift for your friend, you are in the right place. Surprise any adventure seeker with our electronic kit.

Construction time: 3-5 hours
Pieces: 101
Age: 14+

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Discover The Secrets Of Engineering With A Unique Apollo 11 Science Toy Kit!

Looking for a way to take your teenager away from electronic screens? Searching for a present for an adult space enthusiast?

Presenting An One-Of-A-Kind Science Toy DIY Kit By Geeek Club!

Apollo 11 was the American spacecraft that first landed humans on the Moon in 1969, helping the US to win the Space Race. Since then, the historical spacecraft has been inspiring curious minds around the world.

If you want to make your own Apollo 11 lunar module together with the moon rover for exploration, the Space-O STEM Science kit is for you.

Why Choose Our Science Toys DIY Set? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!✔ COMPLETE STEM SCIENCE SET: Our robotics and engineering kit comes with high-end components - microchip, LEDs, and soldering tools, in a compact science kit that is easy to store and carry.

✔ IDEAL FOR BEGINNER AND EXPERT ENGINEERS: Master essential engineering skills by building the Apollo 11 and rover replicas. The simple instructions and video will help you craft true-to-life science toys and set off on a lunar mission.

✔ WIDELY TRUSTED BRAND OF EDUCATIONAL TOYS: We walk the extra mile to make sure that our DIY engineering kit is durable and safe. Every component in our set is rigorously tested for quality, safety, and performance.

Find In Our 88-Piece Apollo 11 Kit (21.7 x 10.8 x 14.2 Inches):5 x PCB Panels
17 x Solar Panels
8 x Electronic Components
Instructions Manual
Educational Manual

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Inspired by NASA and the other Space Agencies of the world, we’ve made a set of 5 super detailed electronic construction model kits. Choose from the International Space Station, the Apollo Lunar Module with Moon Rover, The James Webb Space Telescope, The Solar Orbiter, and the CubeSat NEA Scout.

We’ve spent months pouring over thousands of blueprints and official documents to make these models as detailed and true-to-life as possible. It’s been no small feat, but we think these little details are worth doing.

With step-by-step instructions in the box, building robots becomes no more complicated than other common construction toys. But we don’t just want you to follow steps without learning anything about what you’re doing!

That’s why you’ll also receive instructional videos where the inventor of these robots shows you exactly how they work, as well as electrical information in the instruction books that familiarizes you with the components you are soldering onto these printed circuit boards.