What tools do I need to assemble my robot(s)?

Everything you need is included in the whole kit or separate tool kit, and we have ensured that we have provided the tools at the lowest possible price.

Here is a list of the tools you will need:
- Soldering Iron
- Solder wire
- Filing tool
- Pliers
- Tweezers
- Soldering iron tip cleaner

- Safety Glasses

Are tools included in each kit?

No they are not, you can read in the product card which sets include the tool kit or get separate Tool kit.

What is the recommended age?

We recommend our robotics kits for anyone 14+

How challenging are the models?

Each kit contains many steps to build your finished robot. And there is detailed soldering work. However, the instructions are very clear and any person with an ounce of "handiness" can easily build Geeek Club robots.

Do models move? What functions do they have?

Some of robotics kit series will move towards the light. Cyberpunk series are shelf models that have different LED's that will light up when constructed to bring them to life!

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