ANT001 Hexapod Tank - Stability in the robotic world is very important. Any robot with three or more legs can be stable even when powered down, but this hexapod has twice as many and is, therefore, twice as stable.

Even if one or two of the legs are disabled or detached, the ANT001 can still keep going - making it the ideal front-line tank for cyberpunk warfare. It is structurally designed to take advantage of insect locomotion and neurobiology.

All of which you will build into it with your newfound electrical engineering expertise - easy enough as long as you follow the instructions, of course!

Construction time: 3-4 hours
Pieces: 188+
Age: 14+

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Geek Club is plugging directly into your sci-fi nostalgia, and bringing kick-ass multi-legged WarMechs, and sleek Supercharged StarFighters to your Workbench! These totally unique, wildly coloured PCBS will push your thinking and test your skill. So put on your goggles, fire up your soldering iron, and turn it all the way up! Geek Club’s CyberPunk PCB Puzzles are just waiting for you to put them together.

Every robot you build has its own purpose, design and look. These robots have travelled from a bleak dystopian future, ravaged by war, and littered with technology.

With step-by-step instructions in the box, building robots becomes no more complicated than other common construction toys. But we don’t just want you to follow steps without learning anything about what you’re doing!

That’s why you’ll also receive instructional videos where the inventor of these robots shows you exactly how they work, as well as electrical information in the instruction books that familiarizes you with the components you are soldering onto these printed circuit boards.